What I’m wearing…

The temperature has finally dropped here in Chicago, so that means wearing tons of knitwear!

First up is Gretel, the second. I lost my first one and just had to knit a replacement. In the same yarn. I did knit one fewer repeat on this second version, which I still sometimes regret, but it is by far my most-worn hat during the colder months.

I’m also wearing my Color Craving shawl, which I clearly still do not have FO pictures of. Whoops! It’s incredibly cozy (and I sometimes end up wearing it around my shoulders when I’m at home, too), but I’m not sure the best way to wear it. Right now, I’m folding it double, putting it around my neck, and then pulling the two ends of the shawl through the loop on the other side. It’s very warm and squishy and I’m very glad I knit it.
Color Craving detail

I was also finally able to wear the 2013 mittens I made out of my handspun. The thumbs are a bit snug, but the mittens fit my smallish hands just fine. I’d definitely go up a needle size (or two) if I were to make something similar for someone else.
2013 squirrel mittens

And last but not least, we have my BFF Socks. I knit them as part of a second sock syndrome swap back in 2007 and they’re still in great shape. The second sock for this pair was only the fourth sock I ever knit in sock yarn. Woot! I am thrilled that it’s finally warm enough for me to wear my handknit socks.

BFF socks

I have apparently never taken a picture of the finished pair of these socks. I should do that!

So, I guess there you have it. I might do these “what I’m wearing” posts once a month or so, since there are a lot of knits that I wear that I don’t really take the time to think about often.

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