2014 Knitting Plans: year-end wrap-up


  1. Knit myself 1-2 sweaters.
    Well, I sorta finished two: my first CustomFit sweater and Hitofude. Unfortunately, neither fit. Sigh. For the CustomFit sweater, the hem is pretty floaty, which may be partly due to a change in my measurements and partly due to not paying close enough attention to the numbers CustomFit spit out before generating my pattern. Whomp. Hitofude is both too wide and too short, only the latter of which is my fault. So, it looks like I’ll be having to rip both of those back. Not ideal, but at least I bound them off?
  2. Knit socks, at least 6 pairs for me.
    Eight pairs total, five for me. I have another pair half-finished.
  3. Knit all 4 M Club patterns.
    I finished the first three, but ran out of steam before getting to the fourth.
  4. Knit at least 2 blankets (1 for me).
    Chrysanthemum is still at 70% done. Fail on this one.
  5. Try to not have too many WIPs.
    I have four right now, plus the two sweaters I need to fix.
  6. Knit some Xmas decorations.
    Knit my nephew a little snowman, but that’s all. Nothing for me.


  1. Only buy yarn that is cast on right away.
    Aside from Stitches Midwest, I haven’t bought anything that I didn’t cast on. Pretty surprising!
  2. Stop buying yarn online.
    Haven’t bought any at all since the middle of the year.
  3. Get more self-striping sock yarn.
    Got two more skeins since my mid-year update.
  4. Destash some stuff.
  5. Work with scraps.
  6. Use my handspun.


I’m not even going to post what my goals were because I haven’t spun at all.


  1. Make at least 2 more quilts.
  2. Sew a small project or two.
  3. Publish a knitting pattern.

On the knitting front, things went sort of OK. Maybe if I keep knitting sweaters I’ll eventually have better luck? I’m also pretty happy with getting my yarn buying under control.  Spinning and other types of crafting didn’t really happen. I think my plans for next year will be a little less extensive.

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