2014 Knitting Plans: mid-year update


  1. Knit myself 1-2 sweaters.
    Finished knitting one (my first CustomFit sweater). I bought buttons this weekend, so I’ll be sewing those on and blocking the button band soon.
    I have plans to knit Dalriada next using some Rowan Calmer I’ve had in my stash since 2008. I’ve already swatched, so I just need to decide which size to knit and whether I need to make any changes.
  2. Knit socks, at least 6 pairs for me.
    Five pairs total, and four of those were for me.
  3. Knit all 4 M Club patterns.
    The first two are completed. Clue #4 for the third one (Magia) comes out tomorrow, but I only have clue #1 complete. I’m working on something for Knit Picks, so I probably won’t get back to Magia until that’s finished.
  4. Knit at least 2 blankets (1 for me).
    Chrysanthemum is still only 70% done, but I’ve had a lot of things keeping me busy. I’m hoping I’ll want to knit blankets more once Fall rolls around.
  5. Try to not have too many WIPs.
    I only have four WIPs right now, so I’m happy with that.
  6. Knit some Xmas decorations.
    I haven’t thought about this at all since my last check in. Ha.


  1. Only buy yarn that is cast on right away.
    I haven’t done as well on this since my last update. I think I’ll be able to make a better go at it after Stitches Midwest next month. I think I’ve only gotten two yarns since the end of March that I don’t have specific projects lines up from.
  2. Stop buying yarn online.
    I had a credit at Jimmy Beans Wool, so I bought a couple of skeins to knit a Monster Face Hat. I also tossed three skeins of (clearance) yarn into a Knit Picks order to get free shipping, but I have that lined up to knit a Rib Warmer.
  3. Get more self-striping sock yarn.
    I will keep my eyes peeled for some at Stitches this year.
  4. Destash some stuff.
    Still no sales.
  5. Work with scraps.
    Still no. Been too busy with larger projects.
  6. Use my handspun.


  1. Spin.
    Still haven’t spun at all.
  2. Reduce fiber stash (by spinning).
  3. Don’t buy fiber.
    I’m still doing well on this!
  4. Use my spindles.


  1. Make at least 2 more quilts.
    Meh. I haven’t felt like sewing or planning for a quilt at all.
  2. Sew a small project or two.
    Nope. My crafty room still need to be cleaned, too.
  3. Publish a knitting pattern.

Well, I definitely haven’t done as well with yarn buying since my last update, but I’m kinda OK with that. I’m mostly just happy that I’m still knitting a lot and haven’t gone off the deep end buying yarn. Wish me luck at Stitches!

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  1. I love this type of list post. 🙂

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