WIP Wednesday

After going over my 2014 knitting plans, I finally cast on for a new sweater. I’ve been pretty gun shy about sweaters, since I don’t have any that I’ve knit and wear on a regular basis, so I decided to go ahead and make a CustomFit sweater. I swatched with two different yarns: Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Worsted in Chocolate (purchased in August 2007) and Valley Yarns Northampton in Fawn (purchased at Stitches Midwest, also in August 2007). These are definitely deep stash! They both worked up to 5 sts and 7 rows per inch, so I had CustomFit create a relaxed fit, V-neck cardigan for me. I chose the wrong sleeve option, so I had to go and figure out how to have them taper down, but it wasn’t too bad.

So far, I’ve knit both sleeves and the back. Oh, and run out of brown yarn. Ha! I ordered some more from Knit Picks two days ago, so the project is on hold until it gets here. It’ll be interesting to see how much, if any, difference there is between the dye lots. Wish me luck on that one. Here’s a crappy iPhone shot of the back.

Striped V-Neck Sweater back

Since I had to stop working on the sweater (just two fronts, button bands, and finishing to go!), I decided to ride out my sweater excitement by swatching with some of the (few) yarns that I have sweater quantities of in my stash. First up: Rowan Calmer in Garnet. I’m swatching on US 8s and 6s. After this swatch is done, I’ll be swatching some Berroco Ultra Alpaba in Peat Mix. Obviously, the Calmer is a better choice for a summer sweater, not to mention nicer to knit in hot weather, but we’ll see which one I end up wanting to cast on.

Calmer Swatch

Swatches are definitely good bus knitting. The bottom section is on US 8s.

I’m not sure what either of these yarns will end up being, but I’m going to let gauge decide. I don’t think the Calmer is really my color (which is a bit redder/less pink than the picture), so we’ll see what I do about that. Maybe overdye with blue or purple?

I’ll be in the suburbs for most of this weekend, so I should figure out something to bring with me, since the yarn reinforcements won’t be in by then and I think I’ll be done swatching, too. Maybe socks? Probably socks.

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