2014 Knitting Plans: update

I decided it was time to see how my plans for this year were going so far.


  1. Knit myself 1-2 sweaters.
    Nope. Haven’t even started one. I think swatching and starting on a sweater should be my goal for June.
  2. Knit socks, at least 6 pairs for me.
    Four pairs so far, with three of those being for me!
  3. Knit all 4 M Club patterns.
    On track: 2 down, 2 to go.
  4. Knit at least 2 blankets (1 for me).
    Still plugging away at Chrysanthemum, which I started in November. It’s about 70% done, if I’m planning on using up all of the yarn.
  5. Try to not have too many WIPs.
    Hmm…there a few things from last year (and some earlier than that) that are just sort of hanging out. My real I’m-working-on-this-at-least-once-a-week projects usually number no more than 3, which is good.
  6. Knit some Xmas decorations.
    I need to reassess what I want to do as far as this goes, since I started a couple of things that I think I may frog.


  1. Only buy yarn that is cast on right away.
    So far this year, I’ve had 22 new yarns come my way: 10 that I purchased and have already completed the projects, 4 from the M Club (2 used), 3 from the Sunnydale Yarn Club, 2 that I won from the UILI contest on Stash and Burn, 2 superwash yarns I bought for baby knits, and 1 gift.
  2. Stop buying yarn online.
    I made an order for the Monster Mobile and got a couple of balls for a baby sweater,  but haven’t ordered any other yarn online this year.
  3. Get more self-striping sock yarn.
    Came up empty at YarnCon, but that may be my next purchase from Windy Knitty.
  4. Destash some stuff.
    I tossed some stuff on my trade/sell page on Ravelry, but haven’t gotten any nibbles yet.
  5. Work with scraps.
    Nope, but I’m thinking of using my Cascade Heritage leftovers to make Vivid.
  6. Use my handspun.


  1. Spin.
    Nope! I think I need a plan some concrete goals.
  2. Reduce fiber stash (by spinning).
    Obviously not. I’m contemplating possible selling some.
  3. Don’t buy fiber.
    At least I’m not buying any fiber!
  4. Use my spindles.


  1. Make at least 2 more quilts.
    I have plans for one and probably most of the fabric I need for it, too.
  2. Sew a small project or two.
    I haven’t used my sewing machine in forever. I need to clean my crafty room.
  3. Publish a knitting pattern.
    Nope. I’ve been really busy knitting, but not coming up with ideas of my own, really.

Not too bad. If I could make some specific plans for my UFOs, spinning/fiber, and sewing, I’d probably be able to get on track. Luckily, I’ve been knitting up a storm (and not buying much), so that is going really well. Hurrah!

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  1. hey school’s out for me in about 14 days. let’s hit up windy knotty together after that!!!!

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