Weekly Tea Ritual: Time for Strawberries

Tea 03.17.2014

This week’s tea is Stash Strawberry Pomegranate Herbal Red Tea. It contains rooibos, rosehips, hibiscus flowers, raspberry leaves, citric acid (ha), strawberry flavor, and pomegranate flavor. Rooibos, rosehips, and hibiscus flowers are some of my favorite things to have in a tea. Rooibos is just so smooth. I adore it. This tea tastes mostly of the rooibos, with a bit of fruitiness in the background. Nothing spectacular, but I bet it would make a really nice iced tea.

I also tossed in a bit of Fusion Sweets Strawberry Sugar (sugar, dried strawberries) to keep it a more sugary edge. I really like their sugars (I got a sampler a while back.), especially when added to tea. And yes, I do realize that the owl mug is terrifying. I got it as a gift, but its eyes are pretty creepy. The good thing is that it’s a huge mug, so it’s good for a giant beverage or having soup.

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