The Year in Review: 2013

This year, I knit up 12,829.3 yds of yarn. Woo hoo! I think that’s the most I’ve been able to accomplish since 2008. I am so glad I’m back on a knitting kick.

I knit 40 projects (and one substantial swatch) and I’m pretty pleased with that. Half for me and half for other people. Here we go!

Row 1: Canephora Socks, Victory Hat, Tiny Hot Dog, Tamborim Hat
Row 2: Trillian, Christmassy Jaywalkers, Slip Stitch Dishtowel, Oana Shawl
Row 3: Sunglasses Case, Adventure KAL Aqua Passage Cowl, Tiny Alien, Cowboy Cowl
Row 4: Lintilla, Audrey Mitts, Single Skein Mitts, Simple Rainbow Socks
Row 5: Evening Stockings for a Young Lady, Color Craving, Winnow Socks, 2013 Squirrel Mittens

Row 1: Aran Tree Skirt, Orchid Thief, Burger Mitts, Clockwork
Row 2: Avatrix Baby Hat, Square for Audrey, Cassiope, From Dusk Till Dawn Shawlette
Row 3: Sea Leaves, Ginkgo Shalette, Tiny Witch, Jami’s Birthday Hat
Row 4: Huntress Shawl, Rock Island, Hitchhiker, Baby Chalice Blanket
Row 5: Vice Lace Baby Hat, Pig with Wigs, Bunny

It looks like 2014 is off to a pretty good start, with one FO so far, a blanket over half-done, and a pair of socks started. I also have the first Nelkin M Club project (Magpie) on the needles and will be starting Ysolda Teague’s mystery shawl KAL this week. I have a few UFOs, too, but they are all pretty small and I can pick them up between other projects. I can’t wait to see what I knit this year.

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